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Youth Work Market

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 09:00 - 12:00
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Youth Work Market

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 09:00 - 12:00


Are you working in the field of youth or a young person with interest in organising international activities for your peers? Do you want to meet with qualitative European Youth Work organisations? Do you want to share your qualities and connect with European youth work organisations to see if there can be interesting international activities developed for youth, volunteers or staff? Then perhaps this Youth Work Market is interesting for you. 

EU Desk, Mazeli Consultancy and the international partners from the Mental Health Promotion in the field of Youth are organising the Youth Work Market event, where different stakeholders can meet to:
  • Exchange ideas with international organisations
  • Compare Best practices
  • Find possible partners for cooperation
  • Learn as much as possible from EU desk practices andprocedures for funding (webinar An introduction to the Erasmus+ and Solidarity Corps)

When and where
Wednesday 11 May 2022, 15.00 - 18.00, 
Willemstad Resort, Rembrandtstraat 67 nst Willemstad - Curacao
For more information about the Youth Work Market get connected with Mevrouw Lisandra Martis via +59996708016 or lisandra@mazelionline.com

European Youth work Organisations
Below you will find more information about the European organisations present at the Youth Work Market. Also EU Desk will be present and available for funding questions.

THINK FORWARD CIC - United Kingdom
Think Forward has a background in youth and community work, formal education and training.

THE OLD ELECTRIC - United Kingdom
run by The Electric Sunshine Project (CIC) is a community theatre in Blackpool. Our purpose is to ensure that arts and creativity is accessible for all Blackpool communities. We envision a stronger, more resilient resident community are empowered to create a new narrative about the town, where new work that provokes, surprises and entertains audiences is regularly made and performed in Blackpool and shared across the UK and around the world. Our mission is to provide transformative creative experiences that improve lives of local residents and be valuable contributors to the town’s economy through a new hub of creative opportunities. We strive for these through Innovation, Illumination, and Opportunity.

Kids In Action is a non-governmental organisation established in 2003. The team organises puppet shows, traditional shadow theatre, clowns performances, stilts, juggler, street theatre, magic show to children that they don’t have the opportunity and the chances to attend by virtue of economical/ geographical jams. The performances are given to orphans, hospitals, special schools, villages of the border, even to small islands of Aegean sea. Through the entertainment children are learning about cooperation, solidarity and coexistence and further more about acceptance and respect of otherness of people.Kids in Action are mainly involved in three fields 1. Entertaining for children with fewer opportunities through the art of Circus: We design, organise and present performances in Orphans, schools, hospitals, roma villages. 2. Youth mobility projects : We organise and participate as partners in youth exchanges, trainings, voluntary programs. We organise, design and implement activities and workshops for young people based on non-formal education. 3. Urban initiatives We organise festivals, activities and workshops for Urban life. We promote bicycle

CAO DANADO - Portugal
Since its foundation, Cão Danado, has promoted support for emerging young actors and artists, creating conditions for them to develop their work in a sustainable way, and with all the support of a production, technical and artistic team. This initial support for artists came about because we know, from experience, that it is at this stage that many artists give up and develop clinical depression, and it is not uncommon for young people in artistic field, to choose suicide, addition to alcohol or to drugs. Another action that we have developed since 2010 is the sending of young people (especially artists who are identified with depression) to Erasmus + activities where they can get to know other realities and opportunities and get out of the box. We chose this strategy because we know that the environment where we live and the routine, sometimes, does not allow us to envisage other solutions to problems and that when we leave this environment we can look at it from a new point of view. will the training help and support this work and make it more effective. Two years ago, we extended this support to young circus artists.

Associazione Interculturale NUR is a non profit association established in 1999 and active in the field of intercultural integration, promoting and realising cultural events, training experiences and informative seminars for the youth in Sardinia. We are an association devoted to specifically fighting the cultural isolation affecting the youth of Sardinia through intercultural experiences of mobility and non-formal education. The main focus being in the use and promotion of interculturality and mutual understanding between different cultures as tools to overcome nationalism and isolation.Between 1997 and 1999 our founding members already made a wonderful experience writing and running as volunteers of the association FILEF Sardegna (Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Emigranti e Famiglie) an ambitious EVS project that later was awarded the 2005 European Youth Award as best EVS project in Europe.

Youthopolis is based in a small city in the South-West of Romania, near the Danube’s Gorges, a unique place with a high touristic potential. Our aim is to support and promote youth interests on local, national and international level for an efficient integration in the nowadays European dynamic society. We focus on cooperation with other non-profit organisations, schools or other public institutions to exchange experience in the field of education, culture or youth issues in the framework of non-formal and informal education.Youthopolis organises training and activities with young people and adults as well through non-formal education techniques. Moreover, we participate in a lot of European projects in order to develop new methods, techniques, instruments and tools so that we can upgrade our services, therefore, our support to our beneficiaries. We have experience in delivering international trainings under Erasmus+ (Youth exchanges and Mobility for Youth workers projects), organising and hosting mobilities, participating in different European projects. So far, we have hosted more than 250 participants in our projects and sent out about 200 young people in international mobilities.

MOD OF LIFE - Romania
Mod of Life is a not-for-profit association started to work as legal NGO in 2010. The organization was formed and operates out of the strong need of its members to be proactive in the society and time they live in. Since than we are oriented towards creation of opportunities for youth to grow and adapt to the upcoming changes. 
Main fields on which we work on: promotion of human rights, prevention of domestic violence, gender issues, community awareness, civil society, animation, voluntarism, ecology, etc 
Activities we do:
- Organizing workshops, trainings, seminars, round tables, platforms about the values that we promote;
- Promotion of our aims and activities through media and public gathering;
- Organizing campaigns (local and national),
- Coordinating exchange of volunteers on local and national level;
- Cooperation with other local and international organizations that promote our values.
www.modoflife.ro -under reconstruction at present time

EDUERA - Slovakia
"Effective cross-sectoral cooperation" Our aim is to educate and inform people about educational opportunities, build and develop their competencies and support their active participation and initiative through many various projects in Slovakia and abroad. The main activity of EduEra is to find a common way for formal, non-formal education and business sector. Our activities are mainly focused on cross-sectoral collaboration between schools, municipalities, and NGOs. In 2018 EduEra was awarded by Slovak National Agency as “The best NGO” in the field of non-formal education supported by EÚ thank our ESC solidarity projects focusing on youth from rural areas in Slovakia. Also, our training course "TRAINBOW" funded by Erasmus+ was selected as “Good practice example of 2018” representing Slovakia and the work of EduEra in European Parliament during the European Youth Week in Brussel 2019.

VICE VERSA CZ ZS - Czech Republic
Vice Versa is an association formed by trainers, youth workers and educators with passion for non-formal education, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Its main aim is to promote active citizenship and non-formal education by providing possibilities for young people and youth leaders to be socially active, take part in different events and support them in their personal development and further education. We aim to support intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, environmental and global education and awareness, and creation of links between formal and non-formal education by providing innovative educational opportunities both for young people and those working with them. Our members organise different educational events – both locally and internationally. We give big emphasis on cooperation and linking up with other organisations active in similar fields for exchange of experience and good practice sharing.

The Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg gGmbH is an organisation dedicated to the implementation of European youth work. We hold the European Youth Educational Center Magdeburg (EJBM) situated in a Wilhelminian style villa with surrounding parks. We are able to accomodate and cater up to 105 people, offering multiple guest and seminar rooms. In our youth educational sector we organise our own seminars and projects and offer space for other institutions to host regional, supraregional and international workshops, seminars, conferences, and experts' meetings. In our own work, we focus on the following aspects: political education, European education, workshops on intercultural competences, communication, team development, networkstrainings to gain/expand professional and soft skills and abilitiesinternational youth exchangesprocess- and product-oriented active media worktrainee offers for international youth in the gastronomy and service sectorsending organisations for trainees learning to work in child care.

The daily activities are broad and cover everything a Company needs to participate in the economic sector. We provide a variety of services from legalisation, Set-up, of the company. Once set up we provide Administration, Legal, Tax and or Human Resources Services. The Unique side of our company is in training provided to the entrepreneurs so they can be self reliant for day to day activities and run their own business with minimal help from professionals on a daily basis in the areas mentioned above. The training varies from existing training and or specialized created training for that business sector.www.mazelionline.com

BREAKTHROUGH - The Netherlands
For several years Breakthrough Foundation has, together with partner organisations, promoted recognition and acknowledgement of learning in the youth work field. This has included: The development and testing of Open Badges (Microcredentials) and the online “Cities of Learning” Platform.

MARLIJN ACADEMIE - The Netherlands
Yes it is really possible; Obtain a piece of recognized MBO diploma, without learning in a chair, and/or in a classroom.
Marlijn Academie is a formally recognized vocational education institution with 180 courses specialized in practical learning for people who work better with their hands than learning on paper. And we would like to make this possible for Caucasian, both in Curacao and in the Netherlands.
The vision of Marlijn Academie to connect the worlds of formal and informal learning. How to issue a 'formal' and government-recognized MBO statement and statement of practice to young people, but also non-native speakers and/or people who learn best in practice. How do we do this ? By training the environment instead of the young people and/or employees. We learn to guide colleagues and/or job coaches as practical trainers, 100% in the working environment. While the youngster discovers where his talents lie. Within tourism, one can e.g. spend a week in the kitchen, then in the restaurant, then in the cleaning and afterwards we determine together with the person what he/she likes best and therefore wants to continue learning on the job after 3 months, the practical trainer-plus writes a summary opinion, on the basis of which the (new) employee receives the MBO and practical statement. Look at www.mbo-praktijkverklaring.nl / www.marlijnacademie.nl and www.3antonius.nl

IK BEN OPEN - The Netherlands
#ikbenOpen is an online platform of experienced volunteers, who are committed to creating more awareness in the field of mental health and to minimize stigma by normalizing speaking about mental health. By talking together we create more understanding, acceptance and equal opportunities for a mentally healthier life. The organization conducts various activities online in the field of the following spearheads: creating awareness, stimulating openness, support in positive behavioral change and creating future perspectives/meaningfulness. Under the guidance of a buddy (coach, therapist or someone within this area), our volunteers receive work within various working groups, for example by writing columns; creating activities/workshops; organizing open conversations on social media about various topics.
Together we go for 365 days of mental health awareness.

Curacao Island of learning
Curacao is within the International Cities of Learning Network, the first island to have a Digital Learning platform. The platform was launched in November 2023 and is open for organisations, businesses and education to support their learners, employees, volunteers, and others with recognising their learning.
Cities of Learning Network partners present on the Youth Work Market are: Mazeli Curacao Consultants, Youthopolis, Kids in Action, Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg, NUR, Ik ben Open, Marlijn Academie and Breakthrough Foundation.

Open Badges and the Cities of Learning Platform
Open Badge is a digital standard to recognise various achievements, like participation, membership, personal qualities and exceptional skills, or the completion of a learning journey. Each badge is a micro-credential certificate and data about badge issuer and earner, a description of the badge and criteria for earning it. And perhaps links to evidence how the badge has been earned, information about competence framework or endorsers. Third parties, like employers or employment agencies are looking at validity, reliability and flexibility of what a person has learned, worked on, or achieved  is via checking how assessment has been done, who was the issuer of a badge, how much hours has been worked on a specific skill, or if there is another party who endorsed what has been learned.

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Different international stakeholders met to:
  • Exchange ideas with international organisations
  • Compare Best practices
  • Find possible partners for cooperation
  • Learn as much as possible from EU desk practices and procedures for funding

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